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Shixiong Zhang

Zhang Research Group

The Zhang group is interested in exploring the emergent physical properties of novel nanostructured materials that arise from the fundamental symmetries, interactions, and nano-scale confinement. Our research encompasses nanomaterial synthesis, nano-device fabrication, and nano-scale measurement. The nanostructures include 1-D nanowires, 2-D nanoplates, thin films, and their heterostructures and superlattices. We are particularly interested in their structural, electrical, magnetic, and thermoelectric properties as well as the unique couplings of these properties at the nano-scale.

Revised: Feb. 14, 2015

Sarah Larson
Program Coordinator
IU-MSI STEM Initiative
Indiana University

Dr. Jack L. Schmit
Assistant Dean, University Graduate School
Coordinator, IU-MSI STEM Initiative