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Claire Walczak


Our lab is interested in how the dynamics of microtubules (MTs) are regulated during interphase and mitosis. We use a combination of in vitro assays for the regulation of MT dynamics with purified proteins, reconstitution of spindle formation using meiotic extracts from Xenopus eggs, and high-resolution live and fixed cell imaging of MT dynamics and organization in living cells in culture. This approach provides a framework to further decipher the molecular mechanism of spindle assembly and chromosome segregation. We ask questions regarding the multiple physiological roles of MTs in cells, how their dynamics are regulated by cellular proteins, and how the activity of MT dynamics regulators are controlled temporally and spatially within cells. Our ultimate goals are to identify new molecular targets that can be used to treat a variety of diseases in which altered MT activity is critical and to develop drugs that can target these regulators.

Revised: Dec. 6, 2014

Sarah Larson
Program Coordinator
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Dr. Jack L. Schmit
Assistant Dean, University Graduate School
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