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This project involves contributing to the area of natural logic. This means that it involves investigating logical systems designed for reasoning in natural language, or in things that look reasonably close to natural language. For background on this topic, one could look at papers from Dr. Moss' website www.indiana.edu/~iulg/moss, especially ones that are on this topic. It is also good to look at lecture slides.

The overall area of natural logic has many sub-areas, and so the project would involve getting acquainted with the big area and then contributing to one of the smaller projects. The idea candidate would be someone who has done proof-oriented mathematics and/or theoretical computer science. It is not so important what the topics of the courses were, and certainly one does not need to have had a logic class at the junior-senior level (but this would help, of course). It is much more important to be good with proofs in a math setting.

Someone with a background in either linguistics or computer science could also apply, and participating in this project could help with studies in those fields. However, the background on proofs would be better.

Revised: Jan. 12, 2016

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