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Bogdan Dragnea


Our research focuses on understanding and controlling intermolecular and interfacial interactions characteristic to self-assembled biomolecular systems. We have been especially interested in virus-like particles as models for virus assembly, and prototypical virus-based delivery of therapeutic or diagnostic payloads. Current work in our lab can be separated into four areas: a) principles and applications of self-assembly to virus-based nanomaterials, b) optical control of interfacial interactions leading to colloidal assembly, c) single particle tracking of virus nanoparticles in interaction with live cells, and d) development of outreach educational projects related to our research.

STEM alumni from our lab: Misrak Seifu (Jackson State University), Ammanuiel Kebede (Jackson State University), Kenneth Fiawoyife (Jackson State University).

Revised: Oct. 30, 2012

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