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Collaborative Tools

MSI STEM faculty and students can use a variety of tools for working together. Participants in the IU-MSI STEM Initiative will be provided with full IU affiliate credentials that allow access to a variety of digital collaborative tools. These tools provide faculty/student collaborators with methods and technologies that are informational, interactive, personal and timely.

Trellis Collaboration Suite from AAAS

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MSI STEM participants are invited to use the full set of Trellis collaboration tools including document collaboration, shared calendar, newsfeeds, groups, and discussions. Trellis, developed by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, has been created to serve groups of scientists and scholars in any location. Full audio, video, chat, and messaging capabilities are included.

We are creating an overall MSI STEM Trellis group – current participants will receive an invitation in the spring of 2016. We will also create individual subgroups for MSI STEM faculty and students who will be collaborating.

Trellis is currently in beta and additional training resources are being developed. It is quite intuitive, and doesn't require much training beyond an introduction.


Video Conferencing

woman using videoconferencing

When you want to collaborate with people in at least one other location and need a high quality audio and a video feed (so both sides can see and hear each other), our videoconferencing services could be the solution.

You have several videoconference options.


Web Conferencing

student web conferencing on laptop

Zoom is an easy to use web conferencing service fully supported by Indiana University. STEM faculty, student, and affiliate participants have full access to this service. Zoom is used for one-on-one conferencing, one-to-many presentations, and for online meetings. You can access the service from mobile or desktop devices.

Users have full access to screen sharing, whiteboards, breakout rooms, and the ability to add content on the fly. Setting-up one-on-one meetings is pretty straightforward. You do need to do a one-time sign up for the service to use it. Succinct video training is available as well.

Starting in September, 2017, Zoom will be the preferred, supported web conferencing service, replacing Adobe Connect.


Box Document Storage

student with laptop

Box is an online service that provides no-cost cloud storage to IU affiliates, faculty, students and staff.


File Sharing

student at computer

  • Cloud storage

    Link your preferred storage and have on-the-go access to your files.

  • Slashtmp

    Provides graduate students, faculty, and staff a way to share data with others via a web interface. Requires IU login to use.

  • Identity Finder

    Tool to prevent identity theft by managing the personal information stored on your computer, file shares, or external media.

  • Google Docs

    Google Docs provides smart editing and styling tools to help you easily format text and paragraphs. Choose from hundreds of fonts, add links, images, and drawings. With Google Docs, everyone can work together in the same document at the same time.


student at computer

Canvas is a learning management system that includes most of the standard tools found in open source and commercial management systems (assignments, discussions, announcements, quizzes, syllabus, etc.) as well as enhanced tools and features for communication, collaboration, and assessment, including real-time web conferencing, a multimedia recorder, a Google Docs integration, outcomes and rubrics, and course analytics.


Using these collaborative tools

Some of these tools require an IU account. Please contact Sarah Larson in the IU-STEM office to apply for an IU account.

Sarah Larson
Program Coordinator
IU-MSI STEM Initiative
Indiana University

Dr. Jack L. Schmit
Assistant Dean, University Graduate School
Coordinator, IU-MSI STEM Initiative