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Erin Brady

Erin Brady is an assistant professor in the School of Informatics and Computing in Indianapolis. Her work is focused on groups that are marginalized in society — specifically people with disabilities or mental health conditions, and people who have been incarcerated — and their relationships with technology. Her work spans technical domains (building and prototyping physical systems and software tools) and sociological domains (disability and social theories).

Some of her current research projects and interests include:

  • Disability and Mental Health:
    • How social media is able to sway perceptions of disability, for good and for bad
    • How people with disabilities engage in activism and coalition-building in online environments
    • How to remotely identify physical accessibility problems, with computer vision or crowdsourcing
    • How to provide technologically-mediated support to caregivers of people with disabilities
  • Mass Incarceration:
    • How families can use technology to support and advocate for their incarcerated loved ones
    • How technological approaches can be directly applied to support people who are incarcerated (e.g., using computer vision to process letters written innocence projects; tracking trends of abuse or illness in prisons through family members’ online reports)

She is open to a wide variety of projects in, around, and beyond these areas. Please contact her at brady@iupui.edu if you have any questions or suggestions of projects!

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